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Solar Wind Storage LLC

Our company

Solar Wind Storage is a company founded by two engineers who have great interest in addressing climate change and the barriers to renewable energy options. 

What we have to offer

We have developed a process to convert green energy into hydrogen, which can be stored in large volumes and subsequently reconverted into electricity. The proposed concept relies on a patented system of using hydrostatic pressure to provide energy-free compression, storage of large volumes, and transportation of hydrogen gas to a power generating facility on a demand-driven basis to provide sustainable renewable energy.

Status of our invention
Our goals

Solar Wind Storage has been awarded a US patent (see Contact Info) and has a pending application with the EPO.  We have developed a working model that fully demonstrates the principles involved and functionality of the hydrogen generation and storage process.  It is also noted that no new technologies need to be developed to make this system work.

Our goals are to seek investors and partners to fully develop the engineering requirements and provide a working-scale pilot demonstration of the system.  We are seeking to foster relationships that can help lead us to attracting the interest of leaders in this field, such as Breakthrough Energy Coalition, who have the resources to make our dream of contributing to the solution to climate change a reality. 

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