One application for this patented storage system is to provide hydrogen gas for refueling hydrogen powered vehicles. The storage chambers can provide on-site storage at a single service station or distribute hydrogen to all the stations in an entire city from a larger central storage chamber(s) located within or outside the city proper. 

Example #1: Storage for a single hydrogen refueling station: 

  • Daily consumption equaling 3,625 kg 

  • Chamber size (pressurized at 5,000 psi): 2.5 ft diameter, 1000 ft deep.

Example #2: Storage for 100 refueling stations:

  • Daily consumption equaling 362,500 kg

  • Chamber size (pressurized at 5,000 psi): 17 ft diameter, 2000 ft deep.


  • Car tank capacity of 4 kg and truck tank capacity of 25 kg

  • 750 cars per day and 25 trucks per day